(Under the Aegis of Federation of Indian Small Businesses, India)

SMB sector is backbone to economy of our Country. As per estimate There are estimated 26 million micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in the country providing employment to an estimated 60 million persons. The MSE sector contributes about 45% of the manufacturing sector output and 40 % of the nation's exports. Despite this significant role of MSMB and being in priority sector lending, only 4% SMBs are covered by Bank Finance. Rest of SMBs are either finance internally by entrepreneurs or financed by Non Banking source.

To increase ratio of Bank Finance among SMBs and To facilitate Small Entrepreneurs, Federation of Indian Small Businesses has established Council for SME Finance under the activate association with Retired Banker, Chartered Accountants and Management Experts.

CFC shall be responsible for following activities

  • Advising SMB entrepreneurs on various option available for getting finance
  • Preparing various documents, project report and proposal form and coordinating to collate all required documents and annexure
  • Assisting borrower for smooth and timely disbursement of sanctioned facilities
  • Extending post disbursement hand holding support so that all compliance are duly completed by Borrower and we shall advise borrower to be disciplied and to pursue borrower for timely repayment.
  • Advising borrower to create market place or to cut cost etc

CFC will be taking up above cases on PAN India basis and this service is exclusively available for Members.

For more details, please send your mail to:

Credit Facilitation Centre